The LHA, who are we?

We are an association of like minded hobbyists and militaria collectors whose prime aim is to preserve and display the weapons, equipment and personal items of the armies that operated in North West Europe during the second world war. We also remember the individual soldiers who fought during the second world war through the mediums of:

- living history displays

- educational presentations to schools

- public battle re-enactments

- private tactical training events


The World War Two Living History Association provides a portal for it's members to do this in a safe, professional, legal and respectful manner. One of our primary aims is to represent the combatant and non-combatant personnel in the most correct manner possible through dress and behaviours, so as to act as a living memorial to them. As we pursue these aims, we do not allow any political involvement to enter our actions.

The World War Two Living History Association is a member of the National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NAReS).

The World War 2 Living History Association