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Fancy a hobby with a difference?

We welcome members from any part of the UK and from any background - you do not need to have any military experience to get involved with the Association. If you are interested in one of the infantry orientated units, you will need to be reasonably physically fit as some of the activities can involve running whilst carrying a heavy load.


The key criteria for membership is that you have a sense of humour and that you are willing to get involved - in our experience you get out of the hobby what you put in.


If you are keen to get involved, but you don't know in what capacity, please contact us. We can guide you to the right unit and put you in contact with someone who can provide advice and assistance.


If you are an existing group looking to join the Association, please contact us for details on how to do this.


If you are looking to join or renew, you can do this online at the LHA membership portal.